Night vision was once a specialty tool for tactical teams. It is now an essential piece of equipment for routine patrols, investigations, and officer safety. Night vision gives law enforcement, homeland security and first responder professionals the edge when they need it most - when the sun goes down or the lights go out. Agencies large and small, rural and urban, local and federal are using Harris night vision to their advantage every night.

Harris and Exelis have joined forces — creating a stronger company with the scale, capabilities, and commitment to innovation and excellence to deliver even greater value to our customers. The links below still point to Exelis content. We appreciate your patience as we refresh.

Night Enforcer® Fusion

Harris has integrated thermal and night vision surveillance capabilities into a single device for our law enforcement, homeland security and first responder professionals.

Night Enforcer Fusion is a compact monocular that combines image intensification (I2 tube) and infrared (IR micro-bolometer) to provide users with dual views, for use separately or in combination. The combined view is especially critical in urban environments and structures that provide little ambient light with multiple concealment barriers behind which a subject can hide.

With the Night Enforcer Fusion monocular, homeland security, law enforcement and first response operators can visually locate subjects, regardless of lighting conditions or visual barriers. Learn more.

Night Enforcer® PVS-14

The NEPVS-14 is designed for use by the individual officer in a variety of ground-based night operations, ranging from the extreme tactical to basic surveillance. It features the superior performance of the Gen 3 F9815 Pinnacle® image intensifier with manual gain control to optimize resolution in variable lighting conditions for better situational awareness.

The NEPVS-14 offers the user the most versatility of any night vision device available. The unit can be handheld for simple observation or head or helmet-mounted for hands free operations. The system can be weapon-mounted directly to any MIL-STD-1913 type rail system in conjunction with various optical or laser sighting systems. It can also be attached to various cameras for night time surveillance ops or gathering evidentiary data. Learn more.

Image Intensifier Tubes

Harris continues to improve our Gen 3 image intensifier tubes to increase operational range and situational awareness for the user. Learn more.