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ITT successfully tests Digital Enhanced Night Vision Goggle

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PARIS, June15, 2009 - ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT) in partnership with the U.S. Army has recently provided prototypes of the Digital Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, or ENVG (D) to the US Army for evaluation. The ENVG (D) utilizes digital thermal and low-light-level sensors to provide digitally fused imagery to the dismounted soldier. ENVG (D) will offer the ability to export and import digital imagery, connecting the dismounted soldier to the digital battlefield.

“We were extremely proud to provide our latest night vision technology to our US Army customer,” said Mike Hayman, president of ITT Night Vision. “By providing the ability to connect to the digital battlefield, tomorrow’s warfighter will be able to send and receive imagery, greatly enhancing situational awareness.”

ITT’s ENVG (D) is a leap in technology as it replaces the standard image intensification tube with a new digital sensor, the MicroChannel Plate Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (MCPCMOS). The MCPCMOS sensor provides outstanding image intensified video, enabling digital fusion with thermal infrared video. This allows full digitally fused video to be exported to the digital battlefield for intelligence exploitation, as well as the ability to import video, giving the soldier enhanced situational awareness on the battlefield.

Currently, ITT’s Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) is being fielded by the U.S. Army. This goggle optically combines an image intensification image and next-generation infrared image, allowing for improved mobility and situational awareness—through clear target identification and improved target detection. The ENVG combines the strengths of both technologies into one unit, allowing soldiers to complete their missions more effectively, even when confronted by low-light conditions or obscured conditions.

ITT Night Vision, based in Roanoke, Va., is the world’s leading developer, producer and supplier of head- and helmet-mounted night vision solutions and image intensifiers for U.S. and allied military forces as well as the homeland security market. ITT has served the U.S. military with premier research, development, production and logistics for analog and digital fusion solutions for 50 years. ITT delivered its one millionth Gen 3 image intensification tube in 2007. To learn more, visit

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