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ITT awarded $19.3 million Night Vision Goggle contract

ITT awarded $72 million U.S. Army Aviation contract
ITT awarded $43 million U.S. Army follow-on order for Enhanced Night Vision Goggles
ITT awarded follow on contract from Canadian Forces

Night Vision Products

Night Enforcer® NEPVS-14
  • Pinnacle┬« image intensifier
  • Adjustable gain control in variable light conditions
  • Camera-adaptable
  • Weaponsight mountable
  • DSNVG (Dual Sensor Night Vision Goggle) provides fusion (via optical overlay) of image intensified (I┬▓) and infrared (IR) imagery.


Aiming Systems

Aiming System for M4/M16
  • Model 551 EO Tech Holographic Sight
  • A2 flat top rail
Aiming System for MP5
  • Low-boy claw mount
  • 551 EO Tech Holographic Sight
Weapon Mount Assembly AG
  • Quick detach night vision mount